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    General Terms and Conditions for seminars,
    banquets and hotel rooms

    1 Validity
    These conditions apply the provision of accommodation services and for the leasing of conference rooms and banqueting suites for carrying out events, and for all further goods and services provided in this context. They apply similarly for the leasing of any rooms, display windows and areas in all event areas associated with the hotel. The following terms and conditions apply exclusively. Any terms and conditions of the guest, the organizer, the person placing the order, are not included in the contract unless they were accepted by us in writing.

    2 Formation of the contract
    The rental contract is formed as soon as the seminar room or the hotel room has been ordered in writing and confirmed by the Hotel Engel, or reconfirmed. The contract cannot be dissolved unilaterally. Subletting or use of hotel rooms for purposes other than accommodation requires prior written approval from the hotel. If a third party made the reservation, this party also becomes a party to the contract and is responsible for all the obligations resulting from this contract in addition to the guest as a joint debtor.

    3 Number of participants
    The orderer agrees to inform the Hotel Engel in writing of the final number of participants as soon as possible, at least 72 hours before the date of the event. Adverse and late deviations cannot be taken any more into account within this period. The guarantee is base of the invoice. Affirmative devitations of the number of participants up compared with the guaranteed number are accepted. The actual number of people will be effective if the number of Participants exceeds.
    4 Duration of use
    Seminar rooms that are reserved are only available to the guests during the agreed period in the contract. A different duration of use must be approved by the Hotel Engel. Rooms that are reserved are available to the guest for exclusive use during the agreed period from 2.00pm at the earliest on the day of arrival to 11.00am at the latest on the day of departure. Unless a later arrival time has been agreed or the customer has guaranteed payment, the Hotel Engel has the right to allocate the room that has been booked to someone else after 6.00pm, without the guests having any right to claim a replacement.

    5 Cancellation of seminar rooms and hotel rooms
    In case of changes or cancellation of reserved, definitively confirmed hotel rooms, seminar rooms or arrangements, the following charges are made:

    Seminar rooms, halls, food, banquets and group hotel rooms reservations (minimum 5 hotel rooms),
    until 61 days before the event                          no costs
    40 to 60 days before the event                         30% of the agreed payment
    incl. hotel rooms
    20 to 39 days before the event                         50% of the agreed payment
    incl. hotel rooms
    8 to 19 days before the event                           70% of the agreed payment
    incl. hotel rooms
    1 to 7 days before the event                              90% of the agreed payment
    incl. hotel rooms
    on the day of the arrival                                       100% of the agreed payment
    incl. hotel rooms
    (for the calculation of the lost sales volume, our empirical values are valid)
    Hotel rooms, Individual reservation (maximum 5 rooms)
    48 hours before arrival                                            no costs
    Less than 48 hours before arrival                     100% of the arrangement
    To prevent disaccords, we only accept cancellations in writing.
    If the Hotel Engel has good reason to believe that the event or the arrangement may threaten the smooth operation, the safety or the reputation of the Hotel Engel, the Hotel Engel is authorized to cancel the agreed reservation at any time without incurring any liability to pay any compensation.

    6 Form of payment
    The Hotel Engel is authorized to demand a full or partial payment in advance for the reservation, particularly for larger events or if the guest is not equal organizer. Without further notice, the Hotel Engel charges the guests for any expenses arising connected to the event or the arrangement. The guests agree to pay the invoices from the Hotel Engel before departure or within 10 days of the invoice date. According to the agreement credit cards are accepted for seminars and banquet arrangements.
    7 Price changes
    The right to make price changes are expressly reserved.

    8 Liability
    The guests are liable for damage to the furnishings or the inventory and for losses caused by the guests themself, their assistants or participants, without the Hotel Engel having to prove the responsibility of the guests. The Hotel Engel accepts no liability for theft and/or damage to objects, clothes, materials or exhibits brought by the guest, the organizer, speakers or participants or third parties. It is the responsibility of the organizer to take out an appropriate insurance. The hotel may demand a proof of the insurance.

    9 Service liability
    The hotel does its utmost to ensure that guests are woken at the requested time, messages are passed on correctly and punctually, and goods deliveries of all types are passed on promptly. However, this does not imply any liability on the part of the hotel.

    10 Hours of operation
    The opening hours and hours of operation of the various areas of the hotel are binding. Exceptions must be approved in advance by the Hotel Engel.

    11 Evening extensions
    Evening events can only be extended with prior approval from the Hotel Engel. If the reserved event duration exceeds the legally permitted closing time (imposed by the police), (2.00am at the latest), the guest must approach the Hotel Engel as early as possible, but at least 14 days before the event, so that the necessary permit can be obtained and the necessary organizational measures can be taken. Extra staff costs are invoiced to the organizer in this case.
    After midnight we lift up a night supplement:
    Monday to Friday on 00.00 am: CHF 200.00 per hour
    on 02.00 am: CHF 300.00 per hour
    12 Time lag
    In case of unseen time lags or delays caused by the event organizer in regards to banquets with food and beverage services we reserve the right to charge any additional personnel costs as follows:
    Hot meal and aperitif:
    Bases:          service/buffet personnel               per hour CHF 35.00
    chef/chef de service                       per hour CHF 50.00
    banquet manager                             per hour CHF 60.00

    13 Disturbed sleep
    All windows and doors must be closed at 10.00 pm. In addition, the music volume and speaking voice must be adapted to not cause any sleep disturbance. All guests who are outside of the hotel but still within the hotel grounds after 10.00 pm must stay calm and quiet. Please respect and follow the instructions of the hotel personnel. The hotel cannot be held liable for any complaints by other parties.

    14 Special permits
    The organizer must obtain all permits from the authorities that may be necessary for carrying out the event in good time and at his own expense. He is responsible for observing the terms of the permit and all other public regulations connected to the event.
    Newspaper advertisements, public invitations and sales events require previous written permission to the Hotel Engel. The hotel has the right to cancel the event if the publication damages the interests of the hotel or the hotel has good reason to believe that the event threatens the smooth operation, the safety or the reputation of the business or other guests. In this case, the organizer has no right to claim any compensation. If the rights of third parties (copyright holders etc.) are affected in events, the organizer is obliged to obtain the relevant authorization before the event at his own expense, and to pay any fees that are due directly.

    15 Extra services
    The prices charged by the Hotel Engel for extra services and rental of infrastructure can be found in the seminar brochure and the banquet suggestions. The organizer of banquets and seminary agrees to purchase all food and drink that is consumed in the hotel or on hotel grounds from the Hotel Engel; a fee will be charged for any exceptions. We are obliged to receive the seating plan as well as the approximate time schedule 2 weeks prior to the event. If there are any short-term changes, extra charges for our staff will occur;
    manager at CHF 80.00/hr; regular staff at CHF 50.00/hr.

    16 Technical light and tone
    All technical gadgets and devices will be shown and explained on agreement.
    We will simply help you understand the basic use of our devices and gadgets. If a deeper explanation becomes necessary, we can organize a technician at CHF 120.00/hr + route flat rate at CHF 20.00. Light and tone are adjusted to a standard setting. Any changes in the present setting will occur extra charges at CHF 120.00/hr + route flat rate at CHF 20.00.

    17 Technical installations and show effects
    The safety regulations of the Hotel Engel must always be observed for any technical installations and show effects brought by the organizer. Use of materials that are flammable or represent a fire hazard is expressly forbidden for safety reasons, even for show effects.

    18 Delivery
    As the Hotel Engel has no store rooms for equipment or exhibits that are brought in, the organizer should plan for goods to be delivered as short a time as possible in advance and removed again immediately after the event.
    Material (boxes, packing material etc.) left on the premises after the event will be thrown away correctly by the Hotel Engel and the guest will be invoiced for the costs.

    19 Lost property
    Lost items will only be sent on the request of the guest, and at the risk and expense of the guest. Otherwise, the items will be kept for a period of one year before being handed over to the local lost property office or a charitable organization (shipping fees will occur).

    20 Euros and foreign currencies
    Conversion to Euros and foreign currencies is carried out at the daily exchange rate.

    21 Changes
    Changes to these general terms and conditions must be made in writing.

    22 Court of jurisdiction
    The court of jurisdiction is Liestal BL. Swiss law applies exclusively. The original German version of these terms and conditions is applicable, and this English translation is supplied for information purposes only.


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